About Yuki


Yuki was born in London in 2007 with a spirit of its heritage, oriental beauty and fashion.  Yuki's highly individual range of fashion products has seen great success in Topshop and boutique shops in the UK, Europe and worldwide.  Our influences for the Yuki brand stem from the most colourful and dynamic district of Tokyo and Seoul, birth places to many fashion and beauty trends and create a bridge between Asia and the rest of the world.


Our dedicated design team travel to Asia every season to develop designs and source the best materials, which always inspire our creation. We love to share our passion of creating something unique with a vision of freedom and simplicity in life.  We are always open to different elements of multi-cultures in beauty and fashion.


The Yuki collection represents smart and chic womenswear. It brings a variation of smart daywear through to evening wear.  It has a mix and match look which creates individuality along with femininity.  Yuki focuses on simple lines with unique flattering silhouettes, which create an easy chic style. Yuki design concept is related to a modern woman who is confident and likes to be individual. 


The beauty of a woman is not the perfect figure or beautiful face.  The beauty of a woman is seen in her individual style because that is the doorway to her soul and passion.  True beauty in a woman is reflected in her confidence.  She knows what she wants in life, loves what she does and enjoys her lifestyle.  She does not chase the trend and creates her own style timelessly.  She wears YUKI because she feels being herself naturally and stands out in the crowd with its simple yet effective details.  She loves YUKI because it captures her personality and beauty which always shines through.