Introducing our New Korean Beauty Range

Posted: Dec 01 2016



 Here at Yuki it is a very busy week as we celebrate the launch our new blog as well as our new Korean Beauty Range with a number of fun, innovative products now available for purchase on our website. We couldn’t be more excited. Korean Beauty, now dubbed as K-Beauty by beauty fanatics, has taken the world by storm in recent years with celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga and Karlie Kloss as well as beauty bloggers endorsing the influences of Korean skincare, ‘Sheet Masks’ in particular. At Yuki we always strive to stay right on trend, so how could we ignore K-Beauty, the creators of the much-loved BB cream? Our new range includes brands such as Holika Holika and offers a variety of K-Beauty products such as Sheet Masks, cleansers, eye-patches,  3 step lip care kits, nose clear blackhead kits, a 3 second starter to hydrate and firm your skin and a whole lot more.


However despite K-Beauty’s dominance in beauty industry, what their products can do and offer as opposed to the western products we are all so familiar with, remains a mystery to many in the beauty obsessed world we live in today. That’s why we’re taking a moment to introduce you to fun beauty bubble that is K-Beauty as well as our new Sheet Masks and the benefits of this craze that is completely killing it. We’re obsessed with K-Beauty and are sure you will be too.



What is K-Beauty?

Korean women spend money more on cosmetics than any other women in the world, so it is no wonder Korean produce alternative products with high standards and advanced methods to keep their skin glowing all year round. Most famous are their BB Creams, Sheet Masks and Under Eye-Patches. In fact, Marie Claire has gone as far as to claim that K-Beauty is at least 12 years ahead of the UK in their skincare innovation. K-Beauty places an intense focus on maintaining healthy, hydrated skin free from sun-damage in clever, innovative ways; something all our skin could all benefit from, especially in Winter. Yet, K-Beauty is innovative in other ways too, prizing the importance of cute, quirky graphics for product packaging designs. Where else could you find Smooth Egg Skin Cleansing Foam in a fake egg, or cupcake shaped lip balm?!

Sheet Masks: All You Need to Know

Sheet Masks have been donned the holy grail of K-Beauty and lucky for you, we’re now stocking them at Yuki! Beauty emergency? Or just need to give your skin an instant boost? Sheet Masks are the answer. Everyone is trying out them out, and if you haven’t you really should. Sheet masks are made of a lightweight, 100% natural fibre material and were created in South Korea as an easy way for women to hydrate their skin to the MAX. Our new Holika Holika Juicy Sheet Masks do not just super hyrdate and plump the complexion but are made with fresh fruit ingredients infused with vitamins to give your skin a treat too. The masks are face-shaped and promise no excess product – this means you don’t even have to rinse your face after using it. Meanwhile, our masks are available in 7 different fresh, natural juices with each one addressing a different a skincare concern. For just £2.99 our must-have, essential mask is an affordable and easy way for everyone to get the glowing, hydrated complexion they desire just in time for December’s Party Season.


Try one of our Sheet Masks and browse the rest of our newly launched K-Beauty range today, you won’t regret it!


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